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An evenings leave

They’d just been chucked out of their regular haunt for being just a bit to drunk, the whole squad was off celebrating, Private Muller’s wife had just had a baby and who didn’t need a reason to celebrate while giant machines hell bent on destroying the world were ravaging your home planet? So the Commander gave the five privates the night off and they’d been out wrecking havoc on the town… Though not intentionally.

The group had unfortunately found that Finnigan O’Dair, the newest of the bunch, was a rambunctious kid who picked a fight with just about everyone once he was about three drinks deep. Kept claiming it was something about ‘bein’ Irish an’ damn proud’. Fortunately Finnigan was also a smaller gent, at least compared Half giant Private Ramirez who removed the drunken man from the premises, much to the bar keeper’s pleasure. 

Before too long the group of Alliance men found themselves sitting around in a small restaurant, sobering Finnigan up and cracking jokes at Muller’s expense. All in all it had been an eventful night off for the group.

Still not quite set to rights Finnigan got to his feet and excused himself, mentioning something about needin’ some air, no one particularly responded so off he went. Fin leaned against the wall right next to the door and fumbled around in his pockets, he needed two things: his lighter and a smoke. He’d tried to cut back since enlisting, honest, but he’d been smoking near a pack a day back home after the slavers hit, kept him calm… Well calmer at any rate, he was always a high energy kinda guy.

Relief washed over his has the nicotine hit his system, he wasn’t in a fightin’ mood any more, it was party time! Muller had just lost the last of his freedom after all, what with bein’ a Dad. He flicked the butt away, making sure to step on it before headin’ back inside, a stupid grin on his face.

"Oi! Muller! I Hope she don’t look like you r’else you’ll end up with a Krogan fer a son in law!" Finnigan joked, clapping the man on the back as he rejoined the celebrations.

Pre-Service History

Born and raised on Porsgrunn Finnigan hadn’t been off planet until his enlistment, he’d spent most of his life outside the big cities being from a family of farmers life was pretty simple. Still Finnigan had always been the reckless type, too much energy and always pickin’ a fight when he could; As such as soon as he could Finn joined the town militia. Their work wasn’t exactly glorious fights against rings of Batarian slavers or anything, mostly just fending off Varren and keeping the crops safe, which was at least enough to keep Finn from picking a fight with with half the people he came across… Or from tractor joy riding. Neither of his parents were happy about that one.

Life on Porsgrunn was cheerful enough until one day a band of slavers made it through the planetary defenses and were wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting little farm town.  They fought back and after days of fending off the battalion of slavers the town was safe though not without many casualties and loses; Finnigan’s mother had been taken by the slavers along side a great number of the other townsfolk. From that day on Finnigan began to take life a great deal more seriously, he worked harder than anyone to keep the town safe and then when the colony got wind of the collector attacks… Well that was when Finn made the choice to enlist. He couldn’t stand by and watch more families be torn apart by alien abductions, what if Porsgrunn came under attack again? What if one o’ them bug thingys got one of his brothers and sisters?

So it was off to the Alliance, because hell if he’d let another kid lose their mum to a bunch of good for nothin’ slavers.

Service Record

Earth Systems Alliance

Regiment/Corps: Marine

Army Number: 540-2165-0806WR-1737

Substantive Rank: Serviceman 2nd class/ Private 1st Class

Surname: O’Dair

Christian Name: Finnigan, John

Date of Birth: 08-06-2165


Enlisted on Porsgrunn in to the Systems Alliance as a 3rd Class

Serviceman…    2184-06-15

Posted on Arcturus Station…      2185-01-22

Transferred to the Third Fleet…       2185-02-16

Posted on Board the SSV Trafalgar…           2185-02-20

Joined the 6th Frontier division…       2185-08-07

Promoted to 2nd class Serviceman…    2185-12-18

Posted on New Canton…       2186-03-25

Transferred to the Fifth fleet as a result of the Reaper invasion…    2186-04-03

Posted on Amaterasu…        2186-04-15

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